Beyond the Rat Race: Girl in the Pink Volkswagen (Jamaica BWWM Love Stories Book 1)

Beyond the Rat Race: Girl in the Pink Volkswagen (Jamaica BWWM Love Stories Book 1)

Remember when black women, white men relationships were Forbidden?

Set in a more intimate time in Jamaica before cell phones and the internet. What do you do when falling in love breaks taboos of both races and cultures? When a white American, Joe, moves to Jamaica in 1988, he meets not one, but two marvelous black Jamaican beauties. Will he risk everything for love ...

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About the Book

Is a seriousblack woman, white man relationship possible in 1988?

In this loving BWWM, multicultural romance in the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert,
two young black Jamaican women and one white American man explore forbidden love in this sensual and pleasing interracial story.

Two of the most alluring young ladies in the parish, Toni and Angelina, both want Joe.Can either Jamaican beauty truly have Joe in a
day when interracial marriages between white men and black women is taboo and all but unheard of?

The heart, not logic, drives love, passion, and desire.

Angelina, an attorney, and Joe go skinny dipping and share their closest secrets. Will Joe choose Angelina, or Toni, the rising journalist in the pink Volkswagen Beetle?

In this clean but sizzling BWWM Caribbean island romance, both Jamaican women are beautiful, intelligent, and worthy.

WARNING: This hot multicultural romance will leave you craving for your own BWWM experience.

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