Bridge to a Better America: American Renewal (Better America Platform Book 1)

Bridge to a Better America: American Renewal (Better America Platform Book 1)

Unofficial 2020 Presidential candidate Jerry Beller provides a summary of his Better America Platform.

Jerry Beller kicks off his Better America Platform series with a memoir documenting his time working on Capitol Hill, his relationship with John Anderson, Tip O'Neill, and Morris Udall. He then provides excerpts from every book in series. Practical, progressive, fiscally responsible, socially tolerant, Beller prescribes an independent non-partisan roadmap to fix the broken political system.

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About the Book

The first part of the book is a Jerry Beller memoir, outlining his path to become the first male in his bloodline to graduate college, to his career on Capitol Hill, to how he became an independent voice in the sea of modern partisan politics authoring the Better America Platform
The remainder of the book provides excerpts from each book in the series. As books are published between now and the 2020 election, excerpts will be added to the five already published. Beller does not wish to become president but wants to “fix America one issue at a time.”

Series: Better America Platform, Book 1
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction
Tags: cultural, multicultural, nonpartisan, political, social issues
Publisher: Team Beller
Publication Year: 2018
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